Alex (_foreverbored) wrote in omg_sonny,

New pictures on myspace.

Even security can't take any more.
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Ew. Now that's just nappy.
thats disturbing in the worst way.... where for art thou 'wings of pestilence sonny'?
I miss that Sonny.
agreed... *let's have a moment of silence for WoP Sonny*
oh wow
what the fuck is he wearing?
his halloween costume^^
Holy crap, yeah I miss the old FFTL.

In the second picture it looks like Sonny's wearing his PJs. And is the person with the guitar in a dress? Can't see his face.


November 8 2005, 07:01:20 UTC 11 years ago

This is recent FFTL.

It's Travis in the dress.
That was me.
Lmao, you wish you could look that good.

Sonny reminds me of one of those medieval men.
My god, he looks like a rotting oompa loompa.
i think i love you.
Security Guard's Wrist=Weird and Lumpy.

And Sonny needs to put some damn pants on.
please just wear pants. please.

oh mannn


November 8 2005, 21:12:49 UTC 11 years ago

gosh. sonyn is so fucking hot. but now. he dosent shave. taking he dosent shower, and he hasnt cut his hair. i fucking love him to death, and im seeing him on the 29th, but man, i wish his short spikey hair.


scary scary scary...and creepy
red leperchaun! :0